AST Matrix Progression Protocols


A unique, non-invasive and drugless alternative utilizing advanced simulation equipment, interactive tasking software and bio-sensor analysis to improve the quality of life for all of our clients. Advanced Simulation Therapy engages the autonomic nervous system, increases neuromuscular function, optimizes brainwave activity and promotes neural plasticity and neurogenesis. Advanced SImulation Therapy sessions provide positive outcomes that are observed and measured on a multitude of levels. The nature of Advanced Simulation Therapy activates biological and physiological changes in the human brain and the human body that has wide range implications from those afflicted with neurological disorders to those seeking elite athletic development.  



Advanced Simulation Therapy utilizes AST Matrix Progression Protocols which fosters improvements in both the biology and physiology of the human body. Positive outcomes are observed in visual tracking, hand-eye coordination and neuromuscular function as well as in promoting interpersonal growth and development, leadership responsibilities, teamwork, math sciences, body language, sensory perception, social relationships, improved cognition, self-confidence and many more recognized benefits.

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