A Multitiude of Benefits Observed


John and Juli, small business owners rave about the improvements they have seen in their son with autism. Kyle has shown improvement in his neuromuscular function, hand-eye coordination, patience, self-esteem and social interaction skills after only (2) 90 minute sessions. Juli says, “Kyle was voluntarily crossing mid-line without prompting and showing improvements in his visual tracking skills”. John and Juli are relieved to know there is a new resource available supporting ASD habilitation located in a private, safe and secure location that their son is excited to visit. Kyle says, “At the DriverX Academy everything feels right, I feel like a real race car driver and I can race against friends and I feel like I can do anything in the world.”


Kristen Taylor is a single mother and owner of Bee Green Foods. Her 9 year old son, Aiden, who is also diagnosed with ASD, has seen improvement in his dynamic color sensitivity and social interactive skills, as well as his ability to focus and cognitive thinking skills.

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