Our Goals and Projects in 2014

Supporting the IDEA Foundation and our 2014 goals will directly impact the quality of life for over 576 children and their families. The IDEA Foundation is committed to providing a wide range of services to make the greatest impact on individuals with neurological disorders. Unfortunately, our impact is limited to personal and corporate contributions. Our 2014 goals include providing services in the following areas using our resources to help where the need is greatest: 


  • Advanced Simulation Therapy sessions can impact up to 36 children per week
  • Brainwave Optimization with Real Time Balancing can impact up to 36 children per week
  • After School Programs can impact up to 18 children per week
  • Weekend Retreats can impact up to 24 children per month  
  • Promoting Awareness Across America Tour can directly impact the lives of up to 216 children
  • Additional Diagnostic Equipment for Advances in Neuroscience & Motor Sports Technology
  • AST Mobile Unit can deliver a Life Skills Experience to our Children through Community Events
  • Extracurricular Role Models and Mentor Programs 
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