Together we are Changing the Lives of Many

The IDEA Foundation would like to thank our individual benefactors for their generosity and commitment to helping us make an impact on Autism Spectrum Disorders. Our goal at the IDEA Foundation is to continue to make a difference and improve the quality of life for many. Your contribution is sincerely appreciated.

Ambassador Level Benefactors

Samuel & Michaela Younghein

Hardworking Americans who have committed most of their retirement to funding the startup of the IDEA Foundation. Without their selfless support and faith in our mission, none of our services would be possible. We are forever grateful to the Honorable Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Younghein and Family. They represent a waning demographic of those in our society whose generosity reveals sincerity and goodwill to others. They are our Greatest Heroes!

Platinum Level Benefactors

Gold Level Benefactors

Silver Level Benefactors

Bronze Level Benefactors

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